Delivery Policy for OrderNow Digital Menu System


At OrderNow, we aim to provide a seamless and convenient delivery experience for our users. Please review our delivery policy to understand the terms and conditions associated with the delivery of our digital menu system.


  1. Delivery Method:


Upon successful sign-up and account creation, users will gain immediate access to the OrderNow digital menu system. Delivery is entirely digital, with no physical items shipped.


  1. Account Activation:


Users will receive an email confirmation upon successful sign-up, Activation is instantaneous upon completion of the sign-up process, allowing users to start using the OrderNow system immediately.


  1. Self-Sign-Up Process:


Our delivery model operates on a self-sign-up basis, enabling users to register and access the OrderNow platform independently.

Users are responsible for providing accurate information during the sign-up process to ensure smooth delivery of our services.


  1. Accessibility:


The OrderNow digital menu system is accessible 24/7, allowing users to manage their menus, orders, and settings at their convenience.


  1. Technical Support:


Our customer support team is available to assist users with any technical issues or queries related to the delivery and functionality of the OrderNow system.

Users can reach out to our support team via [email protected] prompt assistance.


  1. Updates and Enhancements:


OrderNow is committed to continuously improving our digital menu system by releasing updates and enhancements to enhance user experience.

Users will receive notifications about new features, updates, and improvements via email or within the OrderNow platform.


  1. Service Reliability:


We strive to maintain high service reliability and uptime to ensure uninterrupted access to the OrderNow system.

In the event of scheduled maintenance or unexpected downtime, users will be notified in advance via email or within the platform.

  1. User Responsibilities:


Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their login credentials and ensuring compliance with our terms of service.

Any misuse or unauthorized access to the OrderNow system should be reported to our support team immediately.


  1. Feedback and Suggestions:


We value user feedback and encourage users to share their suggestions, comments, and concerns to help us improve our services.

Users can provide feedback through the OrderNow platform or by contacting our support team directly.


  1. Policy Updates:


OrderNow reserves the right to update or modify this delivery policy at any time without prior notice. Users are encouraged to review the policy periodically for any changes.


Thank you for choosing OrderNow!